5 Shifts to start achieving breakthrough results and create competitive advantage

How to achieve your goals and objectives without killing your workplace culture.

‘Breakthrough Execution’ Strategy Call

During your free call, you will receive the following:

  • Clarity on what’s possible for your business when you make execution shiftsa and start achieving your goals and objectives quickly;
  • Certainty if these 4 shifts are the right thing to help you reach your personal and professional goals;
  • How quickly you can learn our systems and put your company on the growth path;
  • ​The exact steps – a personalised roadmap – for you to create a thriving business based on your unique situation;
  • Answers to any other questions you may have!

We do not work with everyone. You need to be senior enough in your company. And we need a rapport because this is an intensive process.

We can discuss your goals and objectives. We can discuss your challenges. Then we can create a framework for execution unique to your organisation. And if there is a good fit, we can discuss the next step.

This is a free consultation. Schedule a call with us by clicking on the button below.


As you have watched this video, you are probably wanting to book a “Breakthrough Execution” Clarity Call. I know you will also be wondering if I am going to sell you something on the phone because these calls can be like that, can’t they? So, let me be very clear.

At NO POINT you will be asked to buy anything. I am offering this call for free, and if you the right fit then I may help you create these 3 Rhythms of Breakthrough Execution within your organization also free. Yes, free!

Why would I do that? 2 reasons.

  • In these uncertain times when so many people are worried about their health and businesses, I want to give something back. Front line workers like doctors, nurses, teachers, police, and others are doing their bit. For me, this is what I can do because we need the economy to get going again. So, this is my contribution to the right businesses if there is a fit.
  • This is a virtual program. I am used to working with businesses in person. Working and delivering virtually is a new concept (to me) and I am keen to gather experience and case studies. If you are delighted with the results, you may provide some kind words (via email, video – whatever) but it is not conditional, and you are not obliged to do so.

I know what you are thinking …

I will book this clarity call next week or when I am ready

That, my friend, is the entire problem. You wait. You wait for the perfect time. You wait for the stars to align with Mercury in retrograde or something like that. The point is you wait… and you do not do. Allow me to let you in on a little secret: There’s never a perfect time. The stars never align. You will never be ready. The point of these 3 Rhythms to start executing your goals now. No matter what happens to the economy, business or cashflow, these 3 rhythms create a fortitude to deal with it. They get things to start happening. So, start… execute.

What happens if it does not work?

It is simple. When did creating focus and accountability not deliver results? There are companies employing 3 people or 3,000 people where it is working. They are executing their goals and priorities using these rhythms. But there are instances when these 3 Rhythms do not work – when you do not have a goal to achieve, or when you are not committed to achieving them. That is why we only work with companies where there is a fit.

It seems like these 3 Rhythms would be difficult to sustain.

EXACTLY! That is the point. You do not achieve anything by doing something half-heartedly for just a few days or weeks. When you get through one cycle (say 90 days), the benefits will become clear to you. To be honest, most people start seeing the benefits well before that. But if you keep doing things on the hoof, you never achieve what you are capable of, you remain still, and you will end up feeling worse about yourself. You do not accomplish anything great by turning up to work just to tick the box. This is not another temporary band-aid program that you are used to… I am talking about making PERMANENT & POSITIVE changes in the way your company executes your goals or priorities.

I am following an XYZ program or strategy, so I cannot do 3 Rhythms at this point.

You, my friend … are wrong. Think about this – those programs or strategies are just information… for them to deliver results, they must be executed. These “3 Rhythms” are only about execution. And they work in-line with your existing program or strategy.

So, no matter what your program, strategy, goal, or objective is, to get results you create focus, then you create leverage by finding impact drivers to achieve results predictably. And lastly, you create a rhythm of accountability for your team to get it done. So, these 3 rhythms are all about the execution of whatever you want to achieve.

It might unsettle my team.

On the contrary – 3 Rhythms make most employees feel secure and a valuable part of the company because their contributions get noticed by everyone every week. But then, it does unsettle some people who are habitual underperformers and those who consistently fail to deliver what they promised they will. But at least now they cannot pretend to be “busy bees” without being accountable to everyone else.

Can I do {insert your random task} instead of one of the 3 Rhythms?

NO … Because 3 Rhythms work together. You are trying to compromise even before you start. When you make a small compromise to the process, it engrains that decision pattern everywhere. Compromising means you are not able to do something. “3 Rhythms” are not hard. They do not change anything in the company – they just make people become more productive… and the company starts executing its goals or priorities faster. So, do not start on the wrong foot by substituting or compromising.

This seems straightforward to me. Am I missing something?

It is… you are not missing anything. These 3 Rhythms are intuitive to understand because they are based on natural principles of focus, leverage, and micro-commitments. However, they are hard to implement without direction, help or coaching. After all, we are talking about people changing the way they do things. And you probably know that getting people to change their behaviour is not easy.

You probably have plenty of goals or objectives on your wish list. If execution is your problem, then accept the challenge… and book a ‘Breakthrough Execution” Clarity Call. On the call, we will help you create clarity for your next step/s.

We do not accept everyone simply because we cannot commit to everyone. If we work together, we will work with you or your team to develop 3 Rhythms of Execution in your company. Then, in a few weeks when you are done one cycle, you may circle back and tell me how easy it really is.